Saturday, 12 September 2009

Layer Road Photo Project

Layer Road Photo Project

Exhibition of photographs begins Thursday 17th September - Slackspace Gallery, Colchester

Road was the first football ground that I ever set foot in - just one of many reasons why the ground is special to me. In all the years I had been going there I hadn't taken many photos as the talk of a new stadium had been going for years so people became used to Layer Road being there year after year. When it did come to the last season of football for the famous venue, I wanted to document the closing of this proud stadium in pictures as much as I could.

Over the course of a year I must have covered every inch of the ground. The stadium had a lot of character and will always be unique. Seeing it go from a working football ground to the skyline changing forever with the floodlight removal and watching two stands being taken down was certainly heartbreaking.

I will miss the Main Stand rooftop commentary box most of all as it was where I'd spent sixteen years as a commentator. Layer Road was magical and did its best over the course of its 101 years as a football ground, even managing to stage two seasons of Championship football in its final two years which was remarkable for the old ground".

Layer Road football ground. R.I.P.

''Because eventually things move on''


Dave Buckingham / aka (Voice of Layer Road)

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