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July Mini Festival

Thur 1 July 7pm

Mark Forde gong workshop + Firewire + Mother Sky + Compere and poetry: Mark Brayley

Our own Poet Laureate Mark Brayley introduces and comperes another amazing evening kicking off with Mark Forde, Gong-master extraordinaire. Not so much a performance as a therapy, he begins with light stretching exercises, and using a variety of gongs ranging from a tiny two-incher to as massive four footer, he creates an environment for deep relaxation, releasing us from negative thoughts, unblocking energy and releasing tensions.

8.30 approx Mark then introduces Julia Usher's innovative and exploratory COMA group Firewire, who will be reaching out into all corners of the building and their own imagination, to present an evening of new music with a variety of contemporary sounds. A Twilight Musical Experience, an evening of mysterious and stimulating music for a summer night

9.30 approx Finally, Mother Sky is a band that originally came from a one-off project by it's members to take the Can track of the same name, rework it, and stretch it out into a half-hour semi-improvised live performance. Since then, the group has had a revolving line up consisting of a pool of musicians who get together and don't so much "improvise", as just set up and start playing; fusing a sound built upon the various member's influences that span decades.

Fri 2 July 7pm

EMS night. Powered by EMS


(Our resident DJs Al & Warren playing a truly eclectic set)


(Matt will be letting his hair down and playing whatever he wants)


(Dom mixes an eclectic set including a fine selection of Latin beats)


(Daev will unleash some brand new tunes especially for you)

Sat 3 July 5pm

Moving Tone One Heart Sings: The Necessary

The economic nightmare has become a strange new reality. Where do we go from here? As part of Slack Space Colchester's Mini-Fest on 3rd July, Cambridge-based performing arts company Moving Tone presents The Necessary - their whimsical contribution to the global economic policy debate. Performed, appropriately, in the vacant retail unit at 19-29 Queen St. currently occupied by Slack Space, this experimental vocal theatre piece offers post-modern light relief and some gentle advice for posterity. Even more appropriately, entry is free.

Anne L Ryan, principal vocalist and creative director of Moving Tone, says: "Come and see us if you enjoy a performance with a big heart, which engages both your grey cells and your funny bones.."

The Necessary was created by Anne L Ryan and local composer Stuart Russell, who is Secretary of Colchester New Music. It was well-received at its premiere at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas 2009, and will be presented at concerts around the UK during 2010/2011. The programme on 3rd July will start at 5 pm with live electronic music performed by Stuart Russell, from his recent Moonlight and Moths commission for Anglesey Abbey. Moving Tone's performance will include a range of original compositions from its own repertoire, alongside The Necessary itself, to be performed by Anne L Ryan either unaccompanied, in combination with live and pre-recorded instruments, or against the backdrop of a digital soundscape.

Sat 3 July 7pm

Slack Space Comedy Night!

Hazel Humphries presents Up and coming local comedians night + Compere and poetry: Mark Brayley

MC Mark Brayley -10-15min

Dean Tolhurst 10-15min

Janet Lovely -5-10min

MC Mark Brayley 5-10min

Duncan Butler 5-10min

Tony Tackling 5-10min

Hazel Humphreys 10-15min

MC Mark Brayley 5-10min

Kerry Souter - 10 minutes

David Traynier - 15min

Dean Tolhurst "Fun loving surrealism from this young Witham lad"

Janet Lovely "Twisted stories from a very alternative nursery nurse"

Duncan Butler "Anecdotal Humour with some audience participation!"

Tony Tackling "Angry humour... think a latter day Sam Kinison"

Hazel Humphreys "A return to stand up comedy from smutty scouser old enough to know better"

Kerry Souter "Gross & surreal humour"

David Traynier "Wry observational wit, David states that he is 'Just trying to make people laugh without feeling too cheap in the process'!"

Sun 4 July 7.30pm

Artslink meeting

The next meeting of Artslink Colchester will take place at the Slack Space Premises in Queen Street Colchester on Sunday 4th July at 7.30pm. The presentation this month will be given by Angela Dennis who will present

'Sing from the heart', a brief musical journey along the path which she has travelled, leading to the work which she is currently involved in as a Community Musician and Vocal Facilitator. Having heard Angela perform we are certain that this will be a very informative and entertaining evening

The Racket Companie of Musick and Illuminati present “Rats!” a dramatised story of the Black Death and the great plagues of Colchester in 1348 and 1663

My lords, ladies, gentlemen, commoners & lesser orders, the above companie of entertainers doth humbly crave your attention.

Said Companie endeavour to make known that on the Twenty Ninth day of the monthe of JULY, at the time of seven-thirty, we will present for your Delight, Education, Illumination and Edification, a devised performance depicting the BLACK DEATH AND THE GREAT PLAGUE which latterly best the great towne of COLCHESTER. With Music of the period, poetry, dramatick scenes and readings from sources of the period.

With Andrew Stevens, Dorian Kelly, John Leyland, Joe Sales, Imogen Donnelly, Paul Kif and others

In the light of present poverty of means, and in the desire of saving your money this performance will be completely free of charge! However for relief of the poverty of the artists actors and musicians of Colchester and for the continuance of the work of Slack Space, any contribution will be welcome.

Seating is provided, bring your own wines etc. Access is good, but there are no specific disabled toilets

All are welcome, its ok for older children: please register for a free place by email (see sidebar)

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