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Tue 9 March. Doors 8pm

Slack Space Birthday party – 1 year old today!!

Slack Space is ONE!!

On Tuesday, 9th March, we will be 1 year old. That’s one year to the day after the very first meeting we held to look into opening an art exhibition Space in Colchester. Since then we have had over 12,000 visitors through our doors.

Are you a supporter of Slack Space? Have you volunteered with us? Exhibited or performed with us? Do you visit the gallery and love what we do?

To celebrate the occasion of our first birthday you are invited to our birthday bash inside the space from 8pm onwards and we’ve thought of a deliciously arty way to raise some money at the same time. Bring your own drinks. (We’ll provide the glasses.) Please, partygoers, would you bring your own artfully decorated cupcakes and an artfully decorated birthday card as well?

There will be a card-making table equipped with various art materials available at Slack Space throughout the week if you’d like to use this. Make your card and bring it along to the party where a vote for the best creations could lead to a coveted Slacker t-shirt prize. There is a suggested donation of £1 to enter your card into the competition.

If several Slacker bakers pledge to donate a batch of cupcakes, we can feed the sweet-toothed hoards as they carouse the night away. Of course, we’ll be asking them for a cash donation in return for your delicious creations!! Please let us know in advance if you are able to bring cup cakes

See you then!!

Wed 10 March Doors 7.30pm

Slack Space Colchester Open Mic (nearly-our birthday) Talent Night!

Why not come and strut your stuff? Have you a song to sing, a dance to dance, a joke to tell, something impress amaze or simply astound? Slack Space want you to show us just what you can (or can't) do in an atmosphere of sheer relaxing fun. Or just to come along and be entertained., its free entry, and you can bring your own drinks.

20 minute slots, first come first served, we supply a moderate PA. Doors open from 3.00 for setup, optional soundcheck, show from 7.30 to 11.00.

If you are a hummer or a mummer, (no solo drummers!) or any sort of jazz singer, folk singer, ringer-dinger, blinger-maker singer-songwriter, belly dancer, ballet dancer, idle prancer, mind-what -your -doing -with -that -lancer, lightning artist, quick change artist, projections artist, cat wrangler, ( cat wrangler?) or comic, storyteller, or poetŠ Come and have a go if you're Bard enough, Avant-guarde enough, starred enough! No judging, no prizes and definitely no Simon Cowell.
Dr Strabismus will give a short lecture on the Hidden History of Colchester - the bits that they didn't want you to know ( with slides) at 9.00. Not to be missed. There might also be some belly dancers, who knows! And the human juke box might be there. We will try to get everyone who wants to play in, but we do reserve the right to make a balanced programme.

IDOL SLACKERS is at Slack Space 30 Long Wyre Street 9 between the Co-op and Argos.
All ages welcome. Young people can have an early slot. More info or to have your name put on the free guest list or the list of players email colchesterslackers(at)

Compere: Mark Brayley and Dorian Kelly

Thur 11 March Doors 7.30pm

An evening of Electronica + Poetry and compere: Mark Brayley
Slackspace presents another night of electronic/ electroacoustic music.

Ranging from Lo fi sampled c64 chips though to Ligeti- influenced large scale orchestrations via Dark ambient and IDM, this night explores the diverse fields being explored by the three composer/performers tonight.

Live Acts:

Tristan Burfield

A ground breaking experimental electronic performance composed using vintage commodore 64 chips and accompanying retro hardware [Hard Sid 4 U, Cynthcart, Mssiah etc]. Through positively refusing emulation and embracing the creative limitations of antique technology, I shall create suprisingly rich and powerful sounds through a modern repurposing of discarded consumer hardware.

Tristan Burfield has a unique and evolving experimental electronic style that often incorporates lo-fi elements such as videogames, toys, glitches and noise. His first live performances began in Bristol back in 2003, he has subsequently played shows throughout London and the Midlands and is currently living and working in Norwich, UK. In adition to being broadcast on Radio 1 [Rob Da Bank], XFM [Flo Motion] and Resonance FM, he also played national festivals such as Bring Yourself Fest, Toiletronica, and the Bristol Ashton Court Festival.

Stuart Russell

Electronic/ classical composer Stuart Russell will perform a three movement piece written for this occasion using both laptop based technology and vintage/obsolete hardware synths/ samplers to create a rich, large scale orchestration of electroacoustic sounds and stark, pure shimmering chords. This piece explores both the magic and bleakness of mid winter and the late arrival of spring.

F-Lithium/ The Abominable Mr Tinkler

"Pete Ravan, aka The Abominable Mr Tinkler will be performing a set, fusing his trademark sound of scattered avant-jazz-styled IDM/breakcore with that of one of his other projects; F-lithium, a darker and more cinematic affair." This set explores reactions to a romance gone wrong.


“Touching the Wall” (2005) Andrea Gregori/ Julia Usher

This is a synchronised sequence of pictures and sounds to “Clavicle, A touch-piece for clavichord”, a prize winner in the British Clavichord Society Competition.

Fri 12 March Doors 8pm

EMS night: Spring

King Dom

Sof – Ist



The Broken Drummers

Sat 13 March afternoon

12pm Pagan storytelling session

Ipswich Pagan Council

2pm Experimental music workshop from The Unheard Orchestra

A unique, interactive musical experience for all ages. Free or register name in advance for free download During the workshop participants will be encouraged to think unconventionally about music composition, learning that music does not start and end with notated scores, but is open to multiple interpretation, chance and fate

The Unheard Orchestra will be running an open workshop in collaboration with Slack Space Colchester. During the workshop participants will be encouraged to think unconventionally about music composition, learning that music does not start and end with notated scores, but is open to multiple interpretation, chance and fate. We will also look at what can be done with electronic music, and the variety of effects we can apply to sound.

We will look specifically at four pieces - three composed by W.A. Mozart, Cornelius Cardew and Steve Reich, and Natural Selection, a piece designed to demonstrate a variety of techniques learned throughout the session.

The group is aimed specifically for young people aged 10-14, however it is open to participants of all ages. The workshop will be open to all comers on the day, however a free download of all the audio recorded during the session will be offered to those registering in advance via. email. Details on this are given above.

The Unheard Orchestra is a workshop run by experimental composer and performance artist Lee Ashcroft. He is a graduate of Music Production (BA (Hons)) from the University of Essex and his work has been heard worldwide, including on London's XFM, the Australia Broadcasting Corporation's ABC TV and the 2005 Glastonbury Festival. He has a full CRB disclosure.

This workshop will be preceeded at midday with a Pagan storytelling session, and followed up in the evening with an alternative live performance of Natural Selection, performed by Lee Ashcroft under the name Za Ginipiggu. All events are free. Information about the evening event can be found here:

Sat 13 March evening Doors 7pm

Za Ginipiggu presents: Natural Selection

"Destroying the conventional composer in favour of relinquishing control to YOU - the audience." @ Slack Space Colchester

Dave Merryman (7.30pm)

Za Ginipiggu (8.15pm)

Grymoire (9pm)

Mother Sky (10pm)


To guarantee entry on the night, email your name to

This performance of Natural Selection is an extension of ideas generated in the workshop given earlier in the day by The Unheard Orchestra, however from an artistic perspective it should be considered a seperate entity. Information on the free workshop is available here:
UPDATE: You're free to turn up on the day, but if you would like to receive a free download of all the audio generated during the session, please send the names of all of your party in advance (and the email address(es) you'd like the downloads sent to) to, quoting "The Unheard Orchestra" as the email subject.

Sun 14 March Doors 7.30pm

Local Scenes exhibition wrap party / private view

Meet the artists. Last chance to look at the wonderful range of pictures featuring local scenes from Essex and Suffolk

To guarantee entry on the night, email your name to colchesterslackers(at)

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