Friday, 2 April 2010


Thur 8 April:

7.30 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

7.45 Lou Terry

Lou Terry is 15, and writes and performs his own songs on acoustic guitar. He performed at the Wivenhoe May Fair in 2009 and won the Brightlingsea Battle of the Bands Best Acoustic Act, and in 2010. His influences range from Tom Waits to Radiohead.

8.15 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

8.30 Mark Forde gong workshop

Mark Forde, Buddhist gong master, talks on the history, philosophy and importance of the Gong in the 21st Century and demonstrates tone and sound. Questions and a chance to explore

10.00 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

10.15 Clive Cowan

Musician Clive Cowan introduces his orchestral Pastoral piece ‘Evening Mist’. After he will conduct questions and answers, explaining how the composition was recorded and produced using ‘real’ instruments, synthesisers, samplers, MIDI and sequencers. (see link)

Fri 9 April:

7.45 Connor Sturges

8.30 ToeJam

9.15 NoToKill
Playing various music, written and performed live on his Roland Groovebox D2

10.15 DJ Mullah

An indie lover at heart but loves to mix with electro, dub and DnB on top of the indie core. Has had some great sets supporting the likes of Florence & The Machine, as well as DJing at Club XFM and Student Traffic

Sat 10 April:

2pm 'Obby 'Oss rides again! Stabled in Slack Space Queen Street, but let off the reins to roam freely throughout the town centre. And if his beady, horsey, eye should happen to catch yours - beware! Prepare yourself for some Pagan horsing around, and jokes which almost certainly date from pre-christian times

7.30 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

7.45 Artwork

Celtic fusion acoustic duo from Suffolk. Original tunes with a bit of a jazzy feel

8.15 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

8.30 Dragonfruit

9.00 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

9.15 Sugartree

10.00 Poetry from Mark Brayley and guests

10.15 GrumB

Matt Coy AKA Grumb has put down his drums sticks for a night of pure self-indulgence. Instead of lugging his drum kit about he has downsized to a laptop and a knobtwiddling contraption thingme bob. Playing a variety of interesting, entertaining, dark electronic beats that has been inspired by many music genres and his unique mind

Sun 11 April:

Arts link Colchester is an inclusive, informal social networking group for those involved in, or interested in, the arts. Our aim is to hold regular monthly meetings to enable people to meet face to face , socially, to share knowledge and experience and promote their events/ exhibitions etc. Our first meeting will be at Slack Space Colchester on Sunday 11th April 2010 at 6.30pm. All we ask that you bring a bottle and be prepared to wear a name-tag, (provided). Nibbles and entertainment will be provided

All events guest list only. E mail for inclusion

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