Monday, 17 May 2010

A personal report from Dorian of the "Guerrilla Shakespeare Company":

Guerrilla Shakespeare Company's "Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare" from Dorian Kelly on Vimeo.

The two recent performance of "Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare" at The Space in Colchester were very much appreciated by the audience. Shakespeare can be a little daunting, so I was delighted that so many people appeared to enjoy it mightily. All the comments I heard were good and the voluntary donations to Slack Space were generous- for which we thank you. As a multi-purpose venue, Slack Space is if nothing else eclectic and always willing to present something unusual and different. Its a gallery, a dance space, a workshop area, a lecture hall, a theatre, a concert hall and a social space in equal measure, and its size and excellent acoustics made it a perfect small theatre- even if I did have to lug sixty chairs across town!

The group also gave a triumphant performance in London at Shakespeare's own Bankside Rose Theatre (established 1597), with a good house, including several agents and Shakespeare buffs as well as lots of ordinary theatregoers. I was particularly gratified with an open invitation to bring our next show there. We must have been good.

I am now developing the script with a view to it forming part of the official London Olympics 2012 celebrations - if we get the grant which will make that possible!

Any letters of support which the Guerrilla Shakespeare Company can use in our application will be welcome: as indeed will be any suggestions or criticisms. Please feel free to send them to with subject line "Shakespeare comments"

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