Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Racket Companie of Musick and Illuminati present “Rats!” a dramatised story of the Black Death and the great plagues of Colchester in 1348 and 1663

My lords, ladies, gentlemen, commoners & lesser orders, the above companie of entertainers doth humbly crave your attention.

Said Companie endeavour to make known that on the Twenty Ninth day of the monthe of JULY, at the time of seven-thirty, we will present for your Delight, Education, Illumination and Edification, a devised performance depicting the BLACK DEATH AND THE GREAT PLAGUE which latterly best the great towne of COLCHESTER. With Music of the period, poetry, dramatick scenes and readings from sources of the period.

With Andrew Stevens, Dorian Kelly, John Leyland, Joe Sales, Imogen Donnelly, Paul Kif and others

In the light of present poverty of means, and in the desire of saving your money this performance will be completely free of charge! However for relief of the poverty of the artists actors and musicians of Colchester and for the continuance of the work of Slack Space, any contribution will be welcome.

Seating is provided, bring your own wines etc. Access is good, but there are no specific disabled toilets

All are welcome, its ok for older children: please register for a free place by email (see sidebar)

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