Wednesday 8 May 2013

Wilson Marriage Showcase

A showcase of artworks from Colchester's Wilson Marriage Centre for Adult Education.

Building on last year's very successful photography-only show we have an opportunity to glimpse the wide breadth of different classes hosted at the Barrack Street site.

For more details please contact the Curriculum Manager (

Monday 22 April 2013

ALCHEMY 3 - 17th April to 4th May

Main Gallery and Back Space Gallery

ALCHEMY 3 exhibition
curated by Paula MacGregor

Alchemy 3 - The latest in the series of exhibitions based around International Earth Day (April 22nd) using found objects and recycled materials.

With special guests ... the Recycled Raptors!

Wednesday 6 March 2013

Book Art - Art Book : MA Book Artists Show
27th February to 23rd March

MA Book Art - a show by students, past and present in main gallery at Slack Space.

Nine Lives
Debut showing of the Nine Artists - Heirloom Box project
27th February to 23rd March

Stand Tall - Giraffe Painting
1st March to 30th April
As part of the Stand Tall event to celebrate 50 years of Colchester Zoo artists will be painting some massive giraffes in the main space at Slack Space.  Pop in and see how they are progressing and the stages needed to create a work to be installed into the town later in the year.

For more details of Zoo related events see

Gallery open Wed - Sat, 11am - 6pm.

Monday 24 September 2012

Slack Space Open 7

The seventh Slack Space open exhibition. An exciting show featuring the work of upcoming local artists including: -

Wendy Bailey
Silvia Beasley
Sergio De Bernardo
Jim Bidwell
Mick Brannan
Sultan Caliskan
Peter Chillingworth
Carol Dawson
Charlotte Frost
Andrew Howell
Lauren Kelly
Joe Lloyd
Arfon Owen
Laura Pompili
Suraj Rai
Mary Sedwell
Elise Wortley

Thursday 5 July 2012

Carrying the Torch

An exhibition of artwork from Colchester schools celebrating the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Colchester
Wed – Sat 11am – 6pm
A wonderful selection of work produced by schoolchildren in Colchester, reflecting their feelings and aspirations around this once in a lifetime event! Featuring beautiful banners and other large scale work, as well as a myriad of other interpretations, this must see exhibition features work from:

Broomgrove Junior School

Montgomery Infant School

St Thomas Moore Primary School

North school

Note: Torch Day - The 6th July sees the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Colchester and we celebrate with a special early opening and Private View - featuring performances, refreshment and an Inspire accredited craft workshop! All are welcome.

Tuesday 12 June 2012

The Great Glass Bead Game 13th June - 30th June

The Great Glass Bead Game
13th June - 30th June
Slack Space @ Victoria Place
Open Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

Bubbles and beads.
Cast, flame and blown glass work
Glass sculpture
Fused, vitreous and iridescent. Mirrors, minerals, web and wire
Wall mounted
Ice, light, clear
Space marbles, glass peacocks, spiders webs and life size men
Beads of sweat, tears
Pure and impure

An exhibition of glass work and imagination featuring submissions from:
Red Flower Glass
Carola Smedjebacka
Liz Wotton
Dominique Hodges
Jean Muir
Ellison Art Glass
Carol Hennahane
Jane Ostler
Claudia Uller
Steam Punk Glass
Caroline Moiret
Dorian Kelly
Stained Glass work from Adult Community Learning group led by Carol Hennahane
The Colchester Glass bead!

From 13 – 30 June 2012 Slack Space presents a very special exhibition ‘The Great Glass Bead Game!’ This exhibition is part of Colchester Carnival and Sparks Will Fly, the official Essex Cultural Olympiad event, and features some very exciting activity!
In May a 12ft high champion Marina (a stilted performer and chariot) arrives on a sail barge to Harwich. She is met by local dignitaries and others. The Champion is here to play ‘The Game’ and must collect 12 giant glass beads from across Essex.  A few days later another Champion, Boris, arrives via Stansted Airport and is greeted with the full state welcome! Boris too is here to collect glass beads and play ‘The Game’. For the next month the two Champions go all over Essex, never meeting each other, joining in a big event in each town and finding beads. Each time they visit a town they grow bigger and by the time they get to Colchester they are 12 foot high!
The finale date is Hylands Park Chelmsford on July 6th when the two Champions meet and battle it out in ‘The Game,’ accompanied by a spectacular fire show. This finale event also celebrates the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Chelmsford.
The puppet Marina will arrive in Colchester on 30 June, Carnival day, to find the Colchester glass bead!
Image: Simon Bruntnell

Level 2 National Diploma in Art and Design - End of Year Exhibition
13th June - 30th June
The Colchester Institute and Braintree College present the end of year show. An eclectic mix of work covering a range of disciplines from 3D design to textiles and graphics.


Wednesday 30 May 2012

Open 6

30th May - 9th June - An exciting and inspirational group exhibition of artwork recently submitted by local artists.

Other exhibitions at Slack Space...
Post Room Gallery - Artificial aviary by Chris Andrews
The Long Gallery - Lee Thomas show
Plus ... The Pigeon Hole Project  ... on-going.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Colchester 24: The Great Colchester Photo Shoot 2011

Between noon 21st October to noon 22nd October 2011, 181 people of Colchester took
photos of their lives and the lives of others within the Borough of Colchester. This exhibition
offers a chance to see one photo by every photographer who took part, from school
children to old age pensioners, amateur to professional, jovial to serious. The aim was to
celebrate the rich diversity of life in a modern English town in the early twenty-first century.
The exhibition is accompanied by a slide show of 500 images from the total of over 5000
submitted – a random selection showing the range of life in our town, plus pictures from
the previous photo-shoot of Colchester in 1986, when around 50 photographers took part,
shooting on film.

Colchester 24 runs from the 9th May to 26th May 2012 at Slack Space, Victoria Place, Eld
Lane, Colchester and will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 11.00am-6.00pm.

Other exhibitions at Slack Space...
Post Room Gallery - Artificial aviary by Chris Andrews
The Long Gallery - Lee Thomas show
Plus ... The Pigeon Hole Project  ... on-going.

Tuesday 3 April 2012


New Exhibition at Slack Space

Creating Visions

Slack Space is delighted to announce a new and exciting exhibition in collaboration with a group of talented Adult Community Learners from the Wilson Marriage Centre, Colchester. Located at our new home in Victoria Place, ‘Creating Visions’ features the work of over 20 students and showcases the skills they have learnt through an eclectic mix of photography, digital art and illustration techniques.

The exhibition runs from the 28th March to 14th April 2012 at Slack Space, Victoria Place, Eld Lane, Colchester and will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 11.00am-6.00pm.

Creating Visions: Digital Camera Drop-In Session (2-4pm 7
th April 2012)

Ever been puzzled about how your digital camera works? Ever wanted to take better pictures? Take advantage of this two hour session with the tutors and enthusiasts from Wilson Marriage Adult Education. Just drop-in and have a chat or even bring along your camera for more specific help and advice.


Monday 5 March 2012

New Slack Space exhibition
From Barsham to Albion
7 March – 24 March
Open Wed – Sat 11am – 6pm

Colchester Slack Space, the pioneering empty shops artists collective, is thrilled to have secured the entire archive of the seminal and pioneering East Anglian Albion Fair movement of the 70’s and 80's for an exhibition at Slack Spaces’ new premises in Victoria Place, Eld Lane from 7th March to 24th March.

The exhibition, which is of national importance, is a retrospective and joyful celebration of the legendary Albion Fairs . It is collection of beautiful and iconic posters, photographs, films and assorted memorabilia from the fairs, including the ultimate monthly newspaper of alternative East Anglia, the Waveney Clarion. It will evoke memories for those who were there and will explain the magic and significance of the fairs to those who missed them. Their spirit of creativity, play and environmentalism was ahead of its time and has left a legacy today, not least in the Glastonbury and Latitude festivals. which were directly inspired by the Moon Fair, the Earth , Fire and Rainbow Fairs at East Bergholt, and of course the Rougham Tree Fairs.

Comfort was far from the norm (ask anyone who attended an Albion Fair about the infamous “long drop” toilets!), the music was sometimes dodgy, there were often far more naked people than one really wanted to encounter at the water standpipes in the morning, but the real ale and the vegan food was always plentiful and in an era when Mrs Thatcher was teaching us all to think of “me, me, me” and where riots had become a common occurrence in the major cities, there was something quite special in being part of several thousand people gathering together in our little corner of rural England to live for a weekend in peace, love and harmony …… yeah man!

Sadly, the festival movement was a mirror of the times. The relative tolerance of a "free festival culture " by government in the late seventies and very early eighties had given way to a far more repressive regime . The “Peace Convoys” -which were anything but peaceful - , had became very prevalent, with their hard drug acid-punk culture, and antisocial behavior, culminating in the notorious “Battle of The Beanfields” near Stonehenge. Free festivals could no longer flourish due to the new public order acts which banned gatherings on public land, and The Albion Fairs were no more.

THE EXHIBITION RUNS From the 7th March to 24th March. It is open from Wednesdays to Saturdays from 11.00-6.00 pm at Slack Space, Victoria Place, Eld Lane, Colchester.

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