Friday, 16 October 2009

Black History Month Exhibition

An informal tour of the exhibition led by curator and exibiting artist, Wanja Kimani, will take place on Saturday 17th October at 2pm.


Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy MBE has an internationally acclaimed career, spanning two decades. Her work incorporates a variety of media, capturing traditions and culture of the African continent. This exhibition brings together two series of work. The Migration Series and Mother and Child, which are three lithographs inspired by the extraordinary ancient wall painting of the Tassili Plateau caves in the Sahara showing elegant forms of mothers and children.

Similarly, Carol Sorhaindo’s practice draws heavily from Africa and also the Nature Island of Dominica; reflecting on the natural world with the aim to inspire a sense of calm reflection and reverence for Natural spirit through her mesmerising paintings. Her series Ancestral Spirits are celebratory pieces in memory of her ancestors delicately drawn on natural reclaimed wooden veneers using soft pastels.

The Brave One has developed his unique style since a young age through curiosity that led him to become an apprentice under well-known figures of the Spray Can Art movement. He paints wall murals using emulsion and spray paint to produce impressive portraits and scenes. He will be creating a site-specific response that will evolve throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Wanja Kimani's work explores themes of identity and transience: poetic pieces which incorporate new media and photography. Exploring migration, memory and the effect of the Diaspora. Her current project Dear Mr. President utilizes photography to explore family and culture through the eyes of young people in the Mathare Valley slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Arlene Wandera’s practice is driven by her desire to provoke thought and debate on a range of socio-political subject matter namely social etiquette (in gallery contexts), social etiquette in (public contexts) multiculturalism, political correctness and much more. Her sculptures from the series Exultation depict everyman figures engaged in challenging situations thus highlighting the experience of being human particularly in our current climate.

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