Saturday, 28 November 2009


Do you know any Ghost Stories?

Have you (or has anyone you know) had a ghostly, paranormal, or just plain weird experience?

If so I’d like to hear about it.

Please email your story to – janeleade (at)

The best tales will be told in an evening of Christmas Ghost Stories at the next Slack Space mini fest – details to be announced here or find us on facebook: Slackspace Colchester

Items for ‘Invisible Tree’

Call for artists to submit items that relate to Colchester or what you don't like about Xmas. These need to be small and light and able to be hung from fishing line which will be strung from the ceiling to form a ‘teepee’ shape. The concept is to create an invisible tree from which the ‘decorations’ hang. There is also reference to maypoles.
Lines will be up to 10 foot long so feel free to send enough to fill one if you can and you have a particular theme. Please hand these in to Slack Space during opening hours Thursday - Saturday 12 -6pm and Sunday 10 - 4pm marked ‘Maypole tree.’

‘Twelfth Night’ on Twelfth Night

Slackspace are hosting The Guerilla Shakespeare Company's rehearsed public reading of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in Slackspace on - well twelfth night - which is Weds 6th Jan. Professionals and amateurs will be combining to render Shakespeare's funniest play which will be directed by Dorian Kelly. Would you like to be involved ? We have already cast Maria, Olivia and Malvolio with local professional actors, but most of the parts are up for grabs including some of the fun parts such as Sir Andrew Aguecheek. No experience required!

The performance is at Slack Space, 33 Long Wyre Street- the shop that was once Roseby's. The commitment is for about four to five hours rehearsal on the previous Sunday 3rd and a short top up / warm up rehearsal on the Wednesday, with performance with live music at about 7.30. Reading is from script, (supplied) line learning optional, but very useful. We will be performing it with simple indicative props and hats, scarves etc, some movement, lots of production value, not just a row of talking heads. See

for a list of characters.

If you would like to take part email dorian (at) with an indication of what part you think you would like to do. Dorian Kelly

Last call for Christmas

This is the last call for the Christmas exhibition folks. Closing date is 30 Nov with possible extension to 5 Dec.

Blood on the snow

– beyond, behind and before Christmas

A call for artists, musicians and performers for a Slack Space exhibition 17 Dec – 3 Jan and associated mini festival 17 – 19 Dec

Christmas time and the High Street is a cacophony of crass consumerism, a cornucopia of worn out images and sterile selling, a festival that has forgotten its roots, lost in the mists of time and midwinter – a winter that must be survived and blood on the snow.

Whatever you believe, Slack Space is putting out a call for work across all art forms which offers an alternative interpretation to the Christmas experience. In particular, we are looking for:

- Work which subverts or looks at traditional Christmas iconography in a new way

- Work which challenges the consumerism of Christmas and the ‘Christmas industry’

- Work which explores the old rituals and festivals which predate the Christmas tradition including sacred items and images

- Work which explores the old or natural roots to modern ceremonies and symbols around the Christmas season

- Traditional music and dance predating the modern Christmas festival

- Music which subverts or deconstructs Christmas carols or other Christmas songs

- Work which looks at the midwinter season and its challenges

- Work which offers an alternative interpretation to the Christmas experience

Expressions of interest / examples of work should be submitted to colchesterslackers (at) with the heading ‘Blood in the Snow’.

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