Thursday, 5 November 2009

November Mini-Festival

Slackspace photo by Vron

All events are guest list only.

Please email colchesterslackers (at) to reserve a place.

Thur 12 November:

Doors 7pm

7.30 - 8pm Performance art from Keziah Osborne

8pm - 8.30 Breakdancing showcase with B-Boy Boogie Monster

A Breakdancing Showcase from Colchesters' B-Boys & B-Girls. Showing off their skills, the children and adults will display Top Rocking, Floorwork, Freezes and Power Moves. After the display there will be an Open Circle for any enthusiastic Breakers; that don't normally train at Slack Space, to join in and Throwdown

8.45 - 9.45 Artwork

Gorgeous acoustic folk

10pm - 11pm Avec Noir

Avec Noir are a mystery Electropop 'concept' group from Europe. With Pierre Durant (vocalle) Dzork Schwarz (vocalle, electrodrums) and Cristoff Lefevre (vocalle, synthesizer, programmation) Depeche Mode meets Frank Sinatra? Recent comments from airplay on WFMU include: 'These guys remind me of Holger Czukay's early solo work.' 'Wait wait wait... so how is it 'spose to be?' 'This? Is hilarious. I hope it's a parody of Autobahn.' 'Love the "porn synths"' ' 'Faux-French Krautrock. Okay, I've officially blown my mind'

Compere and poetry from: Mark Bayley

Fri 13 November:

Doors 7pm

7.30 - 8pm Stuart Russell

Re-evolve is a piece Stuart Russell has specifically composed for the event Transition/ Change. This is a piece of music which consists of 4 small building blocks which then continuously evolve into new forms, some times imitating each other, occasionally reverting to their original forms, sometimes overlapping, sometimes being transposed. At the end of the piece the music will be nothing like how it started yet all the changes would have been directly derived from the original four forms.

8pm - 8.30pm Tristan Burfield

Tristan Burfield has a unique and evolving experimental electronic style that often incorporates lo-fi elements such as videogames, toys, glitches and noise. His first live performances began in Bristol back in 2003, he has subsequently played shows throughout London and the Midlands. This work is a reinterpretation of the synthesiser music of “Jean Michelle Jarre” to be performed using only the limitations of the humble Commodore 64 sound chip. Stripping the pieces of their pomposity and expensive trimmings the listener shall be invited to re-evaluate the role of technology in the construct of musical form.

8.45 - 9.45 The Sugar Tree

Sugar Tree are an acoustic act; fronted by the vocal talents of Rachel O'Mahony with Richard Moss on Guitar and Andy Franklin on percussion. Rachel’s haunting vocals are complemented by the acoustic textures and beats of the songs; simple, subtle and emotive.

10pm - 11pm The Jim Jims

Beccy and Vincent started playing their take on Jazzy acoustic songs tinted with bossa grooves. They both write their own songs and it wasn't long before they started playing in local pubs and festivals. Last winter they were joined by Clive on the bass, giving an extra super-dimension to the Jim Jims! The Jim Jims play an eclectic mix of original songs and covers but always with a personal twist. 2009 has been a busy year so far and they're looking forward to many more!

Compere and poetry from: Mark Bayley

Sat 14 November:

1pm The Meddlars

Slack away your afternoon with this superb Irish folk band

Doors 7.15pm

7.45pm - 8.45pm Lady Bird + the Larks

Want to hear something completely different? Then don’t miss this opportunity to see Lady Bird & The Larks. These five talented females have joined forces to perform a unique blend of original songs sung in five-part harmony. The group is led by Colchester singer-songwriter Sally Theobald on guitar, whose clever and witty lyrics offer a real insight into today’s way of life, backed by singers Jeanette Lynes, Lorraine Francis, Alison Benz and Jenny Allenby. Subjects cover everything from working on a till (‘Bing Bong - I'm a checkout girl ’) to the perils of conducting a relationship via text messages (‘Mobile Luv’).

9pm - 11pm [with interval] Stripped to the Bone

Black Cat Bone (Stripped to the Bone): An evening of chilled, laid back acoustic blues. “One of the best blues bands to emerge in our region. It's not hard to hear why this four piece are going down a storm in pubs. Black Cat Bone are a welcome addition to East Anglia's Blues Scene.”..The Grapevine. Find out more here

Compere and poetry from: Mark Bayley

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