Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Massive Line-Up for Saturday

We are pleased to announce the line up for the 12 hour fundraising gig at Slack Space on 19.03.11. But first, read this:

Please bring lots of money to the event! There will be a super raffle, to which lots of local businesses are donating, as well as cakes and massages for Japan
! There will be regular collections throughout the day so please make sure we can fill those coffers and really make a difference here!

Please consider bringing cakes to the event and also raffle prizes!

We are pleased to announce that other local venues are lending their support to this event:

There will be a special afternoon workshop event given by musical improvisation group Firewire at the Friends Meeting House 10am to 12pm, at which a collection will be taken

Essex Rocks / Art not Apathy are supporting the event and will be collecting at their gig at The Soundhouse on Saturday evening

V Bar and Twisters are both supporting the event and will be collecting and devising a special cocktail in honour of the occasion

Lush, the shop, will be hosting musical acts throughout the day and will be collecting for the event

30+ buskers will be performing in various town centre locations on the day raising money for the event

An so, on to the line up for the main event itself. Slack Space will host two stages, and acoustic stage and a main stage, allowing back to back music as we switch between the two. The acoustic stage will feature both acoustic and spoken word acts with 15 minute sets and the main stage will host a range of local bands playing for 30 minutes each. All of these acts are playing for free to raise money for Japan

Please note, this line up is subject to final confirmation, but WOW …..

Fourth Street
Fools Errand
Mojo Rising
Few Against Many
Red Fenetre
The Great Excuse
Wasted Youth
Holsten Cadaver
Never Ending Lights
Worn Down
Kamakaze Afterparty
The Overwrought
Dingus Khan
Dickens Family
Mark Brayley
The Medlars
The Four Blokes
Kiss the Mistress
Shambolic Charm
Connor Sturges
Francesca Jones
The Crumpet Girls
Layer Marney
Fred Slattern
Aaron Hughes
Lulu Saphire
Golden Jackals

Timings to follow

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