Monday, 14 March 2011

On Saturday 19th March Slack Space Colchester is organising a 12 hour gig to raise money for Japan. Proceeds will go to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. This is a Global Giving project working with organisations like International Medical Corps and Save the Children to distribute funds where they are needed to help the victims of the disaster.


Please consider helping us raise funds to help the people affected by the aftermath of this horrific disaster. Can you …

+ Share this e mail or the poster included?

+ Visit our just giving page and donate now:

+ Attend the 12 hour fundraising gig on Saturday 19 March:

+ Busk in town on the 19th to help raise money for the appeal:

+ Can you donate anything we can raffle on the 19th? Please bring prize donations to Slack Space during the week (Wed - Fri 11 - 6)

+ Can you volunteer to help on the day of the event?

+ Can you do another fundraising activity on the day of the event? So far we've had offers of vegan cupcakes and shiatsu massage and we’re hoping other venues in town will donate a percentage of their profits to the cause.

+ Do you have any other fundraising ideas?

Thank you!

Slack Space Colchester

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